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Connecting teachers and families for our students

Teachers, connect with your classrooms

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Empowering teachers and families
TalkingPoints’ multilingual texting platform meaningfully connects teachers and families.

Accessible Technology
Accessible Technology
Teachers use a web-browser or mobile, parents use a basic mobile phone
Multilingual Platform
Multilingual Platform
Teachers text in English, parents send and receive messages in their own languages
Meaningful Engagement
Meaningful Engagement
Content and analytics support for teachers to provide engaging, helpful, and relevant information for parents
Teachers and families on TalkingPoints

[TalkingPoints is a…] "good reminder of what it is to be a good parent."
TalkingPoints parent
"I would definitely recommend it to other teachers because I want to do everything I can so I reach the parents who I cannot normally reach."
TalkingPoints teacher
"Porque muchas de las veces no hablamos suficiente ingles y nos de pena comunicarnos con los maestros y los mensajes estan en espanol y podemos entender mas."
TalkingPoints parent
"I only found out that Stephanie (disguised) was back in touch with her mother through TalkingPoints."
TalkingPoints teacher
"I believe he likes discussing school work with me/his dad. We can be more involved despite not being able to help out at school."
TalkingPoints parent
"TalkingPoints gets to the bulls-eye of parent engagement, which is academic socialization, applying what’s learnt at school to the home."
Parent Engagement Coordinator
"It really helps to make our conversations more meaningful and not just directive on our part as parents."
TalkingPoints parent
"I love TalkingPoints!!"
Community Outreach Liason
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